Chuck Chapdelaine

Chuck Chapdelaine began woodworking in 2008, based on a dare.  While shopping for furniture, he and his wife, Debbie, found a beautiful small cabinet that would be perfect for a DVD collection.  The price was high, and Chuck stated, "I can build that for less!"  (Editor's note: the last thing Chuck built was a bird house several decades ago.)  Debbie said, "Prove it."  So began a hobby, that grew into a passion, and is now a business and a new way of life: create custom furniture and woodcraft art to delight the customer.

Previous to opening his own business, Chuck worked in healthcare as a hospital administrator and specialized in information technology.  He's been a chief information officer, chief technology officer, and information security officer for the largest global healthcare provider in the world. Chuck loved working in healthcare, thrived on being part of the healing process for thousands of people, and found information tech a fascinating and powerful tool to heal.  However, there comes a time when a person must follow passion and dreams to find fulfillment. 

Chuck always wanted to turn to woodcraft.  His first job before going to college was to work for a construction company that did interior demolition and redesign for shopping malls.  Chuck was hired to do the "tear down that ___", "carry that over there", or "hey kid, go get us a 4 pizzas to feed the crew".  He loved the work and being part of a "crew".  After the summer job was finished, he showed aptitude in being a carpenter, not just a go-fer,  and was offered an apprenticeship from his foreman, TJ.  Chuck was very tempted, but felt a college education was be best.  Now, after 3 decades, he's returned to the beginning.